We all now have a rather good understanding of the different aging factors. Our diet, the amount of sugar we eat, the quality of our water, our drug exposure and our emotional balance, all the choices we make everyday affect the way we age. By choosing to have less sugar and more vegetables, cleaner water and air, moderate sun exposure, regular meditations and exercising, we can definitely slow aging. But we all want more, we want to reverse aging and this is what Embryonic Stem Cells, ESC, can do.

In the more than five years of Stem Cells treatment practice, most of Stemaid patients who received ESC or exosome therapy to treat a specific ailment, noticed interesting side- effects after a few injections. Some had thicker hair and an improved skin. Some women were not post-menopausal anymore. Men commented on having increased libido and all stated feeling a renewed energy. We then decided to study the anti-aging effect of ESC on individuals who had no major illnesses, all aged between 50 and 70. Prior to the study, they all went through a cleanse protocol in order to remove as much toxins as possible so that the ESC don't have to help the body to detoxify but can help the body to repair right from the start. ESC were administered once a month. The participants were not asked to change their diet or exercising habits.

Several hormonal markers were measured during the study as well as their leucocyte telomere length. The telomere is the DNA-protein complex on the end of our chromosomes that are described as one of the best biological markers of aging. The shorter they are, the less responsive our cells become and the more we age. All the 15 patients who enrolled in the study described a marked improvement in their energy level. The blood tests showed an increase of testosterone and estrogen for a majority of them and within the last 6 months of the study which lasted one year, they all had their telomere length increase by an average of 14%. This clearly showed that, independently of the biological age they had at the beginning of the study, they all had a reversing of their age at the DNA level.

More studies are underway about which we will report regularly. (See testimonials related to the anti-aging effect of ESC here ). For more information regarding the Telomere length and the increase risks or age-related diseases and mortality, see the following articles: Telomere Lengths Predict Life Expectancy in the Wild, Research Shows Ageing: Telomere length is inversely correlated with risk of dementia and mortality If you want to experience the ESC rejuvenation program we have developed, please fill out the 'contact us form' and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.